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AeroPress: Review and Recipe Reco

I was recently gifted an AeroPress from a friend as a Christmas gift, and can confidently say, I am an #aeropressaddict.

Below is both my review of the product, as well as my favorite morning (and afternoon) AeroPress recipe. Let me know what your thoughts are around AeroPress!


Overall, I LOVE the AeroPress. From its overall componential linearity to the final coffee output, I haven't found anything I particularly dislike about it. From a brewing perspective, my favorite aspect of the AeroPress is its brew time. I can generally get a polished cup of coffee in just under two minutes, which is the fastest brew method I've done to date (which is perfect for those rushed work-day mornings when the shot clock to start my day gets down to the wire).

From a flavor standpoint, the more I consumed AeroPress brews, the more I noticed its distinct taste. The final cup is often more distinct and strong than traditional pour-over and Chemex coffees. I definitely notice the more unique coffee flavors after a pour-over compared to a AeroPress brew, which I guess is my only downside of the AeroPress.

Concluding, I definitely recommend adding the AeroPress to your coffee gear arsenal. It's a go-to for a quick and brisk cup of coffee, either on-the-go or at home, as well as for the coffee mad scientist who enjoys testing different variables and techniques. The AeroPress can also produce concentrated espresso if desired, so lattes, americanos and cappuccinos are possible creations. My favorite recipes are below, let me know what you think!

Recipe Reco

One of my favorite things about the AeroPress is its versatility; there are copious ways one can experiment to get to an end-result cup a coffee, and part of the fun is testing! I've tried three different techniques recently, all including different perspectives to grind size, water volume, coffee concentrate, and the assembly of the AeroPress itself.

  1. Inverted method - inspiration: Lukas Zahradnik

  2. Inverted method (coffee concentrate) - inspiration: Wendelien van Bunnik

  3. Traditional method - inspiration: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Concluding , I found method 2 my favorite. I particularly like my coffee bold, strong and full-bodied, so an option that allows me to add water to-taste and select my dilution ratio is awesome. I prefer the inverted method because I don't lose any water during the brew stage (as I've seen coffee leakage before I begin the plunge process).

Are you an AeroPress addict as well? Let me know you're favorite recipes and tip - cheers!

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