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Finding the 'drip' in Dripping Springs

As one nomads from Austin into the Texas hill country, we depart 'coffee city' for more multifarious beverages. These tantalizing refreshments quickly become apparent once on HWY 290 trekking toward Pedernales State Park to camp, Fredericksburg to 'wine' down, or Wimberley for a weekend getaway. Signs indicating, "Turn left for vodka," "Texas wine served here," and "Beer up ahead!" begin to outnumber billboards, and the impulse to detour for a tasting or two grows stronger and stronger.

But none to fear! Within the beautiful Central TX scenescapes, surrounded by spirits, beer and wine, coffee still retains a strong footprint. So, whether it's grabbing a to-go coffee on the way to a tasting or enjoying an afternoon latte on the patio, the hill country outskirts of Austin has many coffee options to offer. Let the below coffee compilation serve as a compass when one is heading to the hill country through Dripping Springs. Cheers!

Coffee shops

  1. Madrone Coffee Company, Oak Hill: NEW coffee shop on the outskirts of Austin, within the Austin historic landmark, "Old Rock Store." Great spot to pull get a t-go brew and get back on the road.

  2. Summer Moon, Dripping Springs: Austin staple with great specialty coffee drinks, right off 290 once in DS.

  3. Mazama Coffee Company, Dripping Springs: coffee shop-roastery combo with great patio vibes

  4. Le Muse Coffee and Wine Bar, Dripping Springs: coffee bar serving Stumptown coffee, all with rustic views

  5. EDG Coffee, Dripping Springs: specialty coffee trailer that gives back to Nicaraguan coffee farmers

  6. Johnson City Coffee Company, Johnson City: charming coffee house in the middle of downtown Johnson City - heading toward Pedernales and Fredericksburg.

Coffee roasteries

  1. Greater Goods Coffee Co., Dripping Springs: The roastery of Austin's legendary coffee shop is in Dripping Springs is right off 290

  2. Weathered Hands Farmhouse Coffee: Small-batch coffee roaster also based in the Texas Hill Country - you can find them in shops from SA to Round Rock!

Coffee liqueurs

  1. Revolution Spirits, Dripping Springs: Revolution's Cafecito and Chocolate Cafecito are both delicious coffee-based liqueurs perfect for coffee cocktails - sourced from beans from Austin's Cuvvee Coffee.

  2. Remington Family Distillers, Dripping Springs: Remington's Caffe del Fuego sources coffee from Austin Roasting Company

  3. Stinson Distilling, Dripping Springs: Stinson's Carajillo is a coffee-cream concoction

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