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Austin Coffee: A Work of Art

I vividly recall scrolling through my Instagram feed in early 2021 and getting an avalanche of #FOMO. I saw Cosmic Coffee's latest partnership announcement with Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, as well the combo's collaboration concoction, 'Cosmic Blend.' Truthfully, it was the coffee's creative that struck me the most. The artwork comprising of elements around Mexican culture, West Texas and vivid color palettes was the coolest I had seen, and it was all beautifully graffitied on coffee cups, coffee bags and social media.

I immediately paused my WFH flow to voyage from Tech Ridge in North Austin to Cosmic Coffee on South Congress for a drip fix and coffee bean re-up of the new blend. Once I secured the bag and returned home, I realized in that moment I wanted to explore other amazing roasters in town, and seek out the hidden gems I have not seen to-date. After researching and asking local baristas, I quickly accumulated a list of nearly 50 Austin/Austin-area coffee roasters (not coffee shops - but roasters).

I knew I wanted to try as many as I could to both taste the different coffee flavors of Austin as well as map a "coffee compass" of the city. The idea of documenting each roaster visually within an art piece appealed to me, so I wanted to create something as an ode to Austin coffee and highlight the amazing folks engineering and making the local Austin coffee engine run. After more than two years (and lots of caffeine), I love the finished product now hanging on the wall in our guest room.

Below are the 32 amazing folks spotlighted in the piece. It was such a fun experience exploring new places in town, getting introduced to new kinds of coffee (such as Tiny House's Barrel-aged beans), and contributing to ATX's amazing coffee scene.

Austin Java

Austin Roasting Company

Barrett's Coffee Roasters

Civil Goat

Cosmic Coffee

Creature Coffee Co.

Cuvee Coffee

Desnudo Coffee

El Tigre Coffee Roasters

Epoch Coffee

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Flat Track

Greater Goods

Lazarus Brewing

Little City Coffee Roasters

Medici Roasting

Mi Mundo

Mozart's Coffee Roasters

Praxis Coffee Roasters

Progress Coffee

Radio Coffee

Redhorn Coffee Roasters

Sightseer Coffee Roasters


Stone Stash Coffee & Provisions

Summer Moon

Superthing Coffee Roasters

Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

Try Hard

Weathered Hands

Wild Gift

Can you spot your favorite coffee? Let me know! Hope you enjoy.



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