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Hello, fellow coffee dorks. Let's get drippin'.

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Welcome coffee connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and junkies! Thanks for stopping by, what coffee can I get ya' started with?

Drip it like it's Hot was brewed from my intrinsic love for everything coffee: from exploring local coffee shops, experimenting with at-home coffee creations, and coffee history and engineering, I want this collection of musings, photography and stories to echo all the things that makes coffee great.

My hope for this "blog" is to serve as not only a transcription of my personal coffee interests, but a collection of local coffee brewer testimonials, coffee shop reviews and recommendations, brewing techniques, and other miscellaneous java topics. Let this blog be your digital coffee table book wherever you may roam.

A little about me personally: my name is Zach, a native Texan and Austinite of more than six years, where I love buzzing through as many local coffee shops as I can. I work professionally in high-tech marketing and analytics, and enjoy coffee, golf, motorcycles, guitars, and hanging with my dogs in my off-time. I am a writer at my core, so I personally hope this blog serves as ignition for me to get writing again on topics I love: coffee, coffee culture, and just overall coffee vibes.

Please reach out with any coffee shop recommendations, topics of interest, or feedback (I am a coffee nut and enjoy learning as much as I can about it, and expanding my coffee knowledge and toolbelt). If you ever want to grab a cup of drip or coffee here in town, you know who to call.



^ photo from Big Bend National Park. Coffee: great, views: spectacular

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